Friday, August 10, 2007

Why this blog was created.

Dear Peter
Please advise me as to how to change the color of the sidebar (in my blog it is light blue). Try as I might, I dont see the sidebar background color code in the template. Also, is it possible to give a space between the main wrapper and the sidebar?
Thank you

This was one of the comments I received in my main blog Blogger Tips and Tricks. I do multi-tasking and often put off doing something and doing something else, and when I come back to what I want to do, I may have forgotten what I should have rememebered. I do not know how I got the impression that the above comment (request for help) was with regard to the scribe template, so I used the test blog Test Scribe Template which had earlier been used to test 2 other things. I succeeded in changing the sidebar background color to white. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I did a couple of things, including backing up a WORKING template, then trying to add something to the template. New Blogger is extremely fussy from my experience with playing with templates, and sometimes when you are pretty sure that what you have done is perfectly OK, the template may refused to preview or save with some strange error messages. I tried to pick a new Scribe template (succeeded) then tried to upload that backup template which worked perfectly before, but failed. The error message: "More than one widget was found with id: LinkList1. Widget IDs should be unique." I never have any Link List in that blog and I don't know how this problem with LinkList1 came about. So I am creating this blog with a standard Blogger Scribe template to demonstrate changing the background color of the sidebar even when what you think you should have is not present in the template.

For instruction on how to change the background color of the sidebar, refer to
Change background color of New Blogger blog
If you want to change or add a background image to the sidebar, refer to
Add background picture to sidebar
To change the color of the main (posts) column, refer to
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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